The Cropped Riding Jacket is handmade in America from upcycled fully sustainable vintage Kantha blankets (Saris).
Each piece is imperfectly perfect and beautiful just like you. 
One of a kind and deigned to be fully reversable. Wear and tear is natural.
Enjoy this garment anywhere / anywhere.

About the Sari - Sited from an article in National Geographic

The word “sari” means “strip of cloth” in Sanskrit. But for the Indian women—and a few men—who have been wrapping themselves in silk, cotton, or linen for millennia, these swaths of fabric are more than just simple garments. They’re symbols of national pride, ambassadors for traditional (and cutting-edge) design and craftsmanship, and a prime example of the rich differences in India’s 29 states.

Often known as “magical unstitched garment” is ideally suited to India’s blazingly hot climate and the modest-dress customs of both Hindu and Muslim communities. Unlike other traditional garments in some cultures, the sari isn’t reserved for people of one nationality or set of beliefs. “I don’t think it’s disrespectful for Westerners to wear a sari,” says Chishti. “It’s more of an honor.” There is nothing wrong with sewing a dazzling one into a skirt or displaying it like art on a wall, says Sethi. Saris are so important, and certainly worthy of a celebration.